How to Set MP3 Ringtone for Specific Contact

Today people want to enjoy multiple types of ringtones in the MP3 track and want to put in their ringtone form. Even now the user wants to put ringtone as notification as alert of their choice. We all know that people love to set their favourite ringtone as they carry smartphones. Even in the android gadget user can explore a long list of default ringtones and notification alerts to choose. This way, users can choose the ringtone of their choice. Even in the nowadays android gadget people can also choose MP3 tracks or audio for their ringtone and listen to the song every time their phone rings. The gadget also allows users to set the custom MP3 ringtone for a specific contact and with ringtone; they can get to know who is calling.

Setting personalized ringtone for each contact has become an easy task and if you are in love with Tamil songs then you can also set Tamil ringtone 2020 with the latest version. To set the ringtone to follow simple steps:

  • Firstly, launch the contact app and then open the contact page.
  • Now by scrolling explore the ringtone section. Open it and three options will appear.
  • In three options you will seek to go to My Files option. You have to select the option and can easily find the MP3 file.
  • Then you have to select the MP3 Files and click on the done option.

This way, you can easily set the MP3 track as the ringtone Downloaded form with ease.

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